Commercial repairs

Specializing in Commercial Store Small Repairs, and Commercial Painting Services in the Greater Pittsburgh area.

Any retail repair project, be it small or large construction, is an important project to the customer hiring a contractor. At Pittsburgh Handyman, we understand both the dependability and trust involved when we sign a repair contract, place a bid, or take control of a job. We've built our reputation on responsibility & dependability. You can count on us!


Commercial Repairs

Sharpen your store's appearance.

First Impressions!

Make it a welcoming environment.

Doors & Drawers

Keep them functional and safe.

I would like to tell you how much we enjoy the modifications you did. Your excellent workmanship and attention to detail has really cleaned up our store's appearance.



Decided on Remodeling or Need to Make Repairs?

Over the past decade Pittsburgh Handyman has proven to be one of the best and most dependable commercial repair services in the area. Special attention to safety, environmental issues, and 'doing it right the first time' are all foremost on our list of priorities. The cost of this service is also paramount if we want to see the repeat business. We know that, as a responsible consumer, you want to see value for the money you pay. Value does not always mean a cheap or low price. Value means that you are getting the best service you can for the price you are paying. This is the kind of behind- the- scenes value and dependability a customer expects in a trusted field repair service.

Our Services

Some of our repair services include: